Apps Up

October 26th, 2011

And now for something completely different: apps!

Yeah apps. Recently I have been working on several projects but right now I want to focus on just two of them.

First of all, my friend coder Piero and me are back on the iTunes App Store with BitBuddies. I know you noticed something odd going on with this indie app, but we solved most of the issues and we came back with a couple of new features and a new free version of BitBuddies that replaces BitBuddies Lite; I’m talking about BitBuddies Mini. Now you can find almost all the components I’ve designed for the app, with full export and editing options. There are some adv boxes but you definitely won’t find them intrusive. Unfortunately BitBuddies Lite won’t be updated anymore, so in order to access further features, you’ll need to download the BitBuddies Mini app.

On the contrary the full version of BitBuddies won’t require a new download. It’s still adv free and we added some new features and a new component type (the back layer) with backpacks, wings and flaming aureas. A lot of stuff for sure, and all of this for a little amount of money, as we decreased the price for downloading it. Yeah… That’s how much we love you! \(^-^)/

That’s all for now about BitBuddies. If you like the app please support us by downloading and giving us feedback.

And I ask you to support indie development also because of what I’m about to tell you.

On the iTunes App Store you can find an amazing game called Final Freeway that has been featured on the store for a very long period last year, scoring a really huge amount of good consent. It’s a racing arcade game and you can literally spend hours of your life on that without getting bored. However developer Oyatsukai thought that it wasn’t enough and decided to create a sequel for that… and it is going to be retro. I’m working on the entire graphics for this sequel and right now we are hitting a lot of develpment checkpoints. Final Freeway 2R (that’s the title of the new game) is going to style a full pixel art graphics with animations, tons of editing options, a pool of three characters from which to choose your driver and lots of more game mechanincs. Beta testers are giving a lot of positive feedback and we are still halfway through development. I’m definitely excited by this new incoming title.

Of course we need time and we need your support too. At the moment you can find a sneak peek of the work in progress on App Backrs. You can support us by funding the game (of course you will gain money if you do that) or spreading the word about it. Don’t let indie developers down: we always work for gamers.(^ω^)

I talk too much and this blogpost is endless! (^○^) I’m a chatterbox, now I know!