Pixels on the board

November 5th, 2013

I’m still alive and posting… after… ehrm… one year… ONLY! But I’ve been very busy, I swear!!!

I’ve been busy with a lot of stuff during this year and, as some of you may already know, I dropped my freelance life in order to work for Nitrome. The guys at Nitrome are a really awesome gang and I’m enjoying a lot working with them. They are all very talented and you can just be inspired by working in such an environment. I’ve done with them a few games already so please check them out. Here you have the links. These games were coded by Aaron Steed, so if you want to try some more indie goodness just have a look at his devblog.

Anyway apart from working for Nitrome I’ve been into quite a lot of nice projects and some of them are still going on. I’d like to share with you a sneak peek of what I did in the last couple of weeks. These are cards I made for a board game prototype have been shown by a pro designer during the last Internationale Spieltage. Hopefully you’re going to see these cards printed, soooo… crossed fingers, everybody! ( ☆‿ ☆)ᕗ

Let’s Kongregate

October 12th, 2012

Just a little head up. “No, Birdie, No!” is now available on Kongregate with a few new features and bug fixes. Enjoy!


August 28th, 2012

I’ve been working on serious stuff lately and I had no time for posting on this blog. My fault, I admit it, I suck, etc… BUT! At the moment I can catch you up with a couple of interesting news.

I’m in game development at the moment with 4 (°_° yeah!) different teams. I can’t name them right now because it is still all super-secret, but if you’re following me on twitter you surely got those sneak peeks I uploaded recently. More stuff is yet to come… stay tuned…

Apart from that there’s something I’m in at the moment that I want to share with you all. In the last few months me and a couple of good ‘ol geeks have worked on a tiny little project that we wish is going to gather even more attention in the future years: the project is called bGeek and it’s a comics, boardgames and videogames convention that will take place in Bari (Italy) on September the 22nd and 23rd. I’ve veen charged the management of the videogames section and I gathered a few interesting guests for the event such as Fabio Belsanti (PM Studios), Ciro Continisio (Tiny Colossus), Marco di Timoteo (Studio Evil) and Vincenzo Lettera (IndieVault). There will also be workshops (I will be teaching 2D stuff in one of those) and playing sessions and maybe a little night jam. Yeah… a night jam! The event will last 36 continuous hours and if you’re going to take part at the event you’ll probably need coffee! (*゚▽゚*)

I hope to have time to write a new post soon… maybe with some photos and a couple of new free to download graphics!

General Geek Facts

June 9th, 2012

Incredible: I finally found the time to write a new blogpost! Time to catch up a few updates I missed to talk about in the previous weeks.

First of all I want to present you a new little indie game I worked on recently: “No, Birdie No!”. It is basically a simple action finger-twisting game, developed in 36 hours in cooperation with coders Piero “w4nderlust” Molino and Giovanni “Carnefrisca” Colì. The game has been featured in my portfolio for a month already and you still can play it by pressing the button at the end of this paragraph. Soon you’ll find some improvements to the interface that are going to be also used for a multitouch version we are working on…

( ° ⊂° ) … but shhhh… That’s a secret!

And about games, let’s talk about something different from video games, but that I possibly love the same way: board games! Infact I’m really proud to present you some shots of a board game I developed in the last few months. Name’s Debris and it’s a strategy, worker placement and resource management game set in a post-apocalyptic scenario filled with nuclear bombs ready to blow. The game has been already presented during Play (a dedicated event that every year takes place in Modena, a city in northen Italy) and lots of people seemed to enjoy the experience proposed by the game. I can’t tell you more for now because I’m testing Debris with some publishers, but I want to share with you the graphics and the cover of the game; I expect severe comments… (- -メ)

There are a lot of projects I’m also working on atm, but I’ll share more news as soon as I can show you something.

In the meanwhile please enjoy the design of the webpage of Underground Pixel (a really smart indie development team you should check) and a couple of new wallpapers I pixelled for your phones… As always, just follow the links… (‘ ° ⩌ °)

3… 2… 1… GO!

March 8th, 2012

Wooooh! We did it! Final Freeway 2R is out now, ready for download on the iTunes App store! ( ⌒ _ ⌒)┘

It has been a long journey, but we finally got through this. I don’t want to sound as an annoying salesman, but I think this game has something special. If this is not true for you, it will be surely true for me: I’ve never been a racing-gamer guy and I never pixelled or drew cars before. When Davide Pasca from Oyatsukai asked me to work with him, I was quite insecure, because an old-school arcade racing game is a great responsability and I didn’t feel to manage the necessary skills at the time. I forced myself and I challanged my skills, reminding an old post once I read on Pixelation:

“Attempt pixel art beyond your comfort zone. Be ready to face failure, for you will learn from it! Don’t do the same thing over and over again!”

I don’t know if the graphics are good enough for you (please download the game, and drop me a line about what do you think), but I feel something special behind them. And the whole game is special because it reminds me of the old arcade racing games I used to play on coin-ops when I was a kid! From the gameplay, to the feel, the sounds and the (outstanding) musics by Simone Cicconi everything seems to cooperate to create an involving experience.

Won’t say I’m pleased with myself (I’m never (≧ω≦) ), but I’m surely satisfied with what Final Freeway 2R is. So share the love and try the game.

Right now, as I said before, you can find it only on the iTunes App store, but ASAP there will be also an Android version. Also I’ll probably fetch a few graphics in my portfolio, so that you can take a look at the spriting work behind the game… So… just stay tuned!

P.S.: thanks all who helped, reviewd, tested and supported the game during the development, showing how indie games are not just “little games on expensive toys”! You’re the best! \(^-^)/